looking for an MOT in Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme or Cheadle Heath ? Or surrounding areas then look no further. Birdhall lane service station has been testing vehicles for over 20 years making sure that we keep your vehicle running safely and legally on the road.

Our highly trained staff will check your vehicle to government standards, instructed by DVSA. We report any Minor, major or dangerous failures that may show during the test. This then follows by advisories in which we believe may be the next components to make you vehicle not run efficiently or safely in the future. This does not apply to all vehicles as there are many we test that are perfectly fine with no failures or advisories. 

All our work is priced fairly and competitively by our front of house team, making sure you get the best possible quote and assurance if further work is needed. 

We offer a 10 working day FREE re-test. 

No work is carried out with out your say so !!!! 

Why not book online? Save money, save time